Dr. Matthias Winkenbach

Principal Research Scientist
Director, MIT Megacity Logistics Lab
Director, MIT Computational and Visual Education (CAVE) Lab

Primary DLC

Center for Transportation and Logistics

MIT Room: E40-247B

Areas of Interest and Expertise

Urban Logistics
Last-Mile Logistics
Logistics in Emerging Markets
Distribution Network Design
Urban Freight Infrastructure
Urban Logistics Data Analytics
Distribution to Nanostores
Data Visualization

Research Summary

While urban transportation involves the movement of both freight and passengers in urban areas, the term city logistics is explicitly limited to the domain of urban freight transportation (Bektas et al., 2015). City logistics concepts aim at increasing the efficiency and decreasing the negative environmental, social and economic externalities of urban freight transportation through consolidation and tighter coordination of shipments within an integrated logistics system (see, e.g., Taniguchi, 2014).

The design of multi-tier distribution networks for urban last mile delivery is the centerpiece of Dr. Winkenbach's research (see, e.g., Winkenbach et al., 2016). Moreover, his research addresses issues of infrastructure and policy design for urban freight transportation and delivery, and applications of data analytics, algorithms, and technology innovation in urban transportation.

Recent Work