The MIT Industrial Liaison Program (ILP) and MIT Startup Exchange is a membership-based program for large organizations interested in long-term, strategic relationships with MIT.  We engage with organizations from around the globe – in any sector – that are concerned with emerging research- and education-driven results that will be transformative. 


MIT was founded for the advancement of knowledge and its application to industry and commerce.  MIT, the hub of the “Boston Innovation Ecosystem,” has created thousands of startups, and is a worldwide leader in the commercialization of research.  MIT faculty members and research scientists are recognized as leaders in their respective fields, engaged in teaching and research of relevance to the difficult and challenging problems of our times. They, along with their students, are building the future — not just talking about it.

Today, more than 800 of the world’s leading companies collaborate with MIT researchers. Working together, MIT and industry bring knowledge to bear on the world’s great challenges.


Hundreds of the world’s largest and most prestigious firms are members of MIT’s Industrial Liaison Program and the MIT Startup Exchange.  By becoming part of the discourse on campus, executives are able to learn about break through discoveries relevant to their companies so that they can synthesize new directions, make better decisions, develop new capabilities, platforms, and business models, and develop their next generation of professionals and executive leadership. 


Our charge is to help large organizations worldwide develop relationships with the vibrant MIT research and startup communities as well as access emerging talent through strategic recruiting.  By organizing and facilitating these interactions, our office provides rich opportunities for company leaders to significantly impact their strategic technology goals.  An assigned MIT Program Director serves as the single point-of-contact with the company for its interactions at MIT and serves as the company's "eyes and ears" to bring forward emerging, often not obvious, opportunities.  The entire process is actively managed by the Program Director, who possesses a thorough knowledge of the interests and abilities of MIT’s faculty/researchers/startups relevant to the ILP member organization’s interests.

We invite executive leadership of organizations who would like to learn more about the MIT Industrial Liaison Program and the MIT Startup Exchange to please email ask-ilp@mit.edu with your name, title, organization name, and headquarters location.