Connecting MIT Faculty to Industry

MIT Corporate Relations aids and directs companies interested in multidisciplinary involvement with the Institute. Its expert staff works with MIT senior administration, faculty, and company executives to structure and define individualized alliances that mutually benefit the company and MIT.

MIT Corporate Relations offers industry access to MIT through two integrated programs, the MIT Industrial Liaison Program (ILP) and MIT Startup Exchange.

The Industrial Liaison Program

The Industrial Liaison Program is instrumental in providing connections to MIT faculty, departments, labs, and centers. It serves companies across the globe and is organized both geographically and by industry. In addition to corporate partners, ILP also helps regional governmental organizations who look to the unique, entrepreneurial MIT/Cambridge environment as they begin to develop their own regional innovation ecosystems.

MIT Startup Exchange

MIT Startup Exchange actively promotes collaboration and partnerships between MIT-connected startups and industry. Qualified startups are those founded and/or led by MIT faculty, staff, or alumni, or are based on MIT-licensed technology. Industry participants are principally members of MIT’s Industrial Liaison Program (ILP).

Connect with Industry

Corporations are the source of a significant portion of MIT’s annual research income. By working with the MIT Corporate Relations (CR), faculty can enhance exposure of corporations to their expertise, research, and students through a variety of CR-sponsored activities and publications. Discussions with company representatives of needs and trends in industry may also result in new directions or additional funding for research.

Nearly half of all ILP member companies provide additional financial support to MIT programs through research or gifts.

Formats for CR-initiated faculty/company involvement include visits on and off campus, executive research briefings and conferences, and videoconference and telephone discussions. Support for on-going research can also result from one-on-one sessions with representatives from the CR client companies. If a faculty member is seeking funding for a new project or consortium, CR Program Directors can draw on their knowledge of the corporate community to help make more focused contacts at particular member companies. Nearly half of all ILP member companies provide additional financial support to MIT programs through research or gifts.

Earn Discretionary Funds through Revenue Sharing

MIT Corporate Relations maintains a record of all qualifying faculty interactions arranged by its staff and reports of substantive faculty contacts with ILP company representatives. At the end of each fiscal year we:

  • total the points for each faculty and research staff member
  • determine a dollar value per point based on ILP fee income for the year
  • send a personal notice of the funds earned to each faculty and research staff member
  • send a listing of points earned by each faculty and staff member to the appropriate Administrative Officer
  • distribute the funds to special accounts in each department, center or laboratory.

Revenue Sharing Point (RSP) Award Totals for ILP Activities for FY19/20




Meetings, Telephone, Video  

Meeting at MIT (with faculty or research staff member, per hour)


Meeting at MIT (with graduate student, per hour-points assigned to advisor)


Videoconference / visual presentation via video, per hour


Telephone conversation


Meetings at company (half day -- non-local)


Meetings at company (full day - more than 4 hours)


Executive research briefing/formal presentation (at MIT)


Report of on or off campus meeting with ILP member company, not arranged by OCR/ILP

OCR-Sponsored Conference Activities  

Conference/seminar presentation (more than 45 minutes)


Conference/seminar presentation (less than 45 minutes)


Conference Poster Presenter


International Conference event (organized by ILP - full day)




Papers: recent working paper, technical memo, or technical report (not published)


Expertise and research project description updates (KnowledgeBase updates)


CV with publication list