The Industrial Liaison Program, a fee-based membership program, is designed for large organizations (which for industry, typically means over US$500 million annual revenue) that wish a long-term, strategic relationship with MIT managed by our office. If this is something you would like to learn more about, please email with your name/title, company name, and headquarters location.

Trusting relationships are key to acquiring know-how. ILP Program Directors provide a bridge between industry and MIT cultures, and help manage important social interactions that maximize the business impact of research outcomes.


Upon joining the ILP, our immediate task is to connect with a designated working contact at your company to jointly develop an activity plan. Objectives are to:

•     Prioritize interest areas
•     Identify ideal company participants
•     Develop MIT interaction objectives
•     Schedule activities/interactions with faculty, researchers, labs, and centers
•     Provide ongoing assessment, advice, and next steps



Discussions with MIT faculty and researchers are the most  highly valued service the ILP provides, as these interactions often sow  the seeds of successful collaborations. The ILP actively advocates your company’s research and strategic agenda on campus, and secures substantive meetings with key faculty and researchers. The Program Director assigned to your company provides continuity and serves as the facilitator to move discussions along and work with both your representatives and MIT faculty to enable mutually beneficial outcomes.

ILP-arranged meetings are recognized by time-pressured faculty as being highly professional, yielding high-caliber discussions, and highlighting potential partnership opportunities. Your Program Director, a veteran MIT insider, and well-briefed  on your company’s needs and objectives, is perfectly positioned to advocate your agenda on campus, quickly identifying and engaging the interest of relevant faculty.