Prof. Richard A Young

Professor of Biology
Member, Whitehead Institute
Associate Member, Broad Institute

Primary DLC

Department of Biology

MIT Room: WI-501C

Areas of Interest and Expertise

Mycobacterial Molecular Biology and Genetics
Yeast and Bacterial Molecular Genetics
Molecular Biology and Genetics of RNA Polymerase
Development of New Vaccine Technology for Tuberculosis, Leprosy, and AIDS
Cancer Epigenetics
Molecular Medicine and Human Disease
Cell Biology
Biochemistry and Biophysics
The Genome's Regulatory Circuitry
Developmental Biology
DNA Arrays
Gene Expression
Vaccine Development
Infectious Disease
Data Mining
Computational and Systems Biology
Stem Cells

Research Summary

Young's Laboratory is interested in the regulatory circuitry that controls cell state and differentiation in mice and humans. We use experimental and computational technologies to determine how signaling pathways, transcription factors, chromatin regulators and small RNAs control gene expression programs in embryonic stem cells and differentiated cells. Interests range from the basic molecular mechanisms of gene control to development of drugs for human diseases caused by gene misregulation.

Recent Work