Prof. J Christopher Love

Professor of Chemical Engineering
Associate Member, Broad Institute
Graduate Admissions Officer (Chem-E)

Primary DLC

Department of Chemical Engineering

MIT Room: 76-253

Areas of Interest and Expertise

Micro/Nanofabrication and Surface Chemistries
Cellular Immunology and Infectious Diseases
Clinical Diagnostics
T-Cell Activation
Single Cell Analysis
Cellular Arrays
Circulating Tumor Cells

Research Summary

The Love Lab is exploring the heterogeneity present in populations of cells and characterizing the dynamic biological responses of individual cells subjected to defined perturbations. We develop new processes for analyzing large numbers of individual living cells quantitatively and dynamically. The primary approach uses simple technologies, based on soft lithography or unconventional nanofabrication, to measure multiple characteristics of single cells, and from those data, we aim to construct detailed profiles that describe the state and evolution of the cell itself or the multicellular population of which it is a member.

The long-term objectives of the Lab's work is to understand how heterogeneity in populations of cells affects their collective behaviors as a system, and to gain insights into the biological variations present in unique and rare cells from those populations. Another aim is to facilitate the transfer of these technologies into clinical laboratories for extended use in biomedical research.

Recent Work

  • Video


    November 16, 2023Conference Video Duration: 29:51
    The Promise of Biomanufacturing


    April 4, 2023Conference Video Duration: 34:48
    Accelerating Manufacturing and Translation of Biologic Medicines Using Alternative Hosts 


    March 23, 2021Conference Video Duration: 16:51
    J Christopher Love
    Professor, Chemical Engineering
    Associate Member, Broad Institute
    Associate Member, Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard

    J. Christopher Love - 2019 Life Science Conference

    December 10, 2019Conference Video Duration: 31:36

    Fast and Modular Manufacturing Systems for Biopharmaceuticals and Vaccines

    Recombinant biopharmaceuticals and vaccines represent a significant class of therapeutics and preventions. While the industry has established efficient platformed processes for the production of monoclonal antibodies at multi-ton scales, the improved precision of therapeutic indications and expanding molecular designs (such as bispecific antibodies, nanobodies, and others) add new challenges for the timely and cost-effective production of emerging therapeutic concepts. This talk will present an integrated approach to biomanufacturing that combines automated end-to-end production and purification along with a fast and engineering-friendly alternative host to enable a flexible platform for next-generation manufacturing. Examples in both biopharmaceuticals and vaccines will be presented.
    2019 MIT Increased Productivity in the Biopharmaceutical Industry Conference