Dr. Andreas Mershin

Research Scientist
Label Free Research Group Leader

Primary DLC

Center for Bits and Atoms

MIT Room: E15-401G

Areas of Interest and Expertise

G-Protein-Coupled Receptors (Structure and Function)
Machine Olfaction
Nano Material Science
Quantum Effects in Biology

Research Summary

Dr. Mershin's non-exclusive list of fields/keywords of ongoing projects beyond machine olfaction and GPCRs mature for industry involvement include:

1) "Quantified Self" -- (activity, posture, heart rate, blood O2, sugar, pressure etc. non-invasive wearable monitors (wellness/exercise motivation/preventative healthcare/large data/insurance companies ).

(2) Flexible and bio- photovoltaics (modular solar cells, solar fabrics, low-tech/low cost solar power generation off-grid, etc.

(3) Abritrary shaped micron-sized nanometer-precise functional structures (e.g. barcoding, authentication, 3D-optical elements/diffraction gratings/plasmonics/bioelectronics/MEMS) -- this is the "Star Trek Replicator" aka "nanoassembler" project funded by DARPA's Living Foundries.

(4) Intelligent sensing/automation/parallelization/standartization/rapid prototyping and fast design-test-iterate cycles for pharma, biochem and Synthetic biology workflows (e.g. for scaleup of biofuel production in open-pond setting,)

(5) Science/engineering outreach platforms/collaborative/crowdsourced efforts. We do a lot of open-source software and hardware and publish plenty of open-access protocols ideal for crowdsourced iteration/optimization.

(summary updated 12/2012)

Recent Work