Prof. Sharmila Chatterjee

Senior Lecturer
Academic Head, Enterprise Management Lab (EM-LAB)

Primary DLC

MIT Sloan School of Management

MIT Room: E62-543

Areas of Interest and Expertise

Management Science (MS)

Research Summary

A business-to-business marketing expert, Sharmila Chatterjee examines issues in the domains of relationship marketing, channels of distribution, and sales force management. In the area of sales force management, she is interested in better management of the sales/marketing interface with a view towards appropriate allocation of resources between customer acquisition and retention activities. She has recently become interested in the diffusion of technological innovations among users at client organizations. In this sphere, she is working in concert with her doctoral student to decipher the appropriate balance in the goods and services mix of software vendors to facilitate software assimilation in client organizations. The issues of goods-services balance and the role of complementary services in technology assimilation, together with their relationship quality effects, are being examined by Chatterjee in the context of Business Intelligence (BI) systems.

Recent Work