Prof. Kripa K Varanasi

Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Primary DLC

Department of Mechanical Engineering

MIT Room: 35-209


Porscha Love

Areas of Interest and Expertise

Nanoengineered Surfaces and Their Applications to Energy, Water, Oil and Gas, Aviation, Electronics Cooling Systems
Fluid-Surface and Thermal-Fluid-Surface Interactions
Superhydrophobic, Superhydrophilic, Oleophobic/Oleophilic Surfaces
Phase-Change Phenomena (Condensation, Boiling, Freezing and Ice formation) on Nanoengineered Surfaces
Nucleation and Growth
Micro and Nanoscale Heat Transfer
Heat Pipes and Thermal Interfaces
Harsh Environment Coatings and Surface Technologies (Ceramics and Metals)
Subsea Separation (Fluid-Fluid and Fluid-Gas) and Flow Assurance
Quantum Dots, Plasmonics and Bandgap Engineering
Nanomanufacturing (Ceramics and Metals)
Abradable Seals
Active Packaging; Moisture/Oxygen
Molding Compounds

Research Summary

Professor Varanasi's research focus at MIT is in the area of new class of durable nanoengineered surfaces and coatings (ceramics and metas) that can fundamentally alter thermal-fluid-surface interactions for significant performance enhancement in Energy, Water, Aviation, Agriculture, Oil & Gas and Electronics Cooling industries. His research will be at the interface of materials and thermal-fluids. Particularly, Varanasi has several new thoughts for significantly improving efficiencies for steam, gas turbine plants and other energy systems using these new surfaces.

Recent Work