Prof. Harry L Tuller

Professor of Ceramics and Electronic Materials
Director, Crystal Physics and Electroceramics Laboratory (CPEL)

Primary DLC

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

MIT Room: 13-3126


Grace H Kim

Areas of Interest and Expertise

Materials Development for Sensors (Chemical, Thermal)
Fast Ion Transport and Conduction
Properties and Applications of Solid-State Electrolytes
Advanced Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Including Micro-Fuel Cells
Semiconductor Micromachining and MEMS Device Fabrication
Electrically Active Interfaces in Semiconducting Metal Oxides
Photoelectrolytic Cells
Transparent Conducting Oxides
Electrical and Optical Properties of Electroceramics
Defects and Nonstoichiometry in Compound Semiconductors
Energy Storage

Research Summary

Dr. Tuller's research focuses on defects, transport and electronic structure of metal oxides and their integration into sensors; fuel cells; solar cells, and MEMS devices.

Recent Work