Prof. Nazli Choucri

Professor of Political Science
Head, Middle East Program
Director, Technology and Development Program (TDP)

Primary DLC

Department of Political Science

MIT Room: E53-493


Kathleen Searle

Areas of Interest and Expertise

National and International Security
Connectivity and the Global Environment
Political and Economic Development in the Middle East
Modeling Oil Problems and Policies
Technology Transfer to Less Developed Countries
Analysis of Conflict Among Nations
Energy Problems in Latin America and Other Developing Countries
Strategies for Sustainable Development
Design for the Environment

Research Summary

Dr. Choucri focuses on transformation and change in international relations, with special emphasis on sources and consequences of conflict and violence. Extending the theory of lateral pressure – linking the dynamics of growth and expansion to patterns of external behavior -- she explores ways in which differentials in population dynamics, resource constraints, and technological capabilities among states, shape the distribution of power and capability, lead to competition and intersections in spheres of influence that, under certain conditions, contribute to propensities for conflict and violence.

Her current research, on CyberPolitics in International Relations, examines ways in which cyberspace influences, even alters, power and capabilities at local, national, international, and global levels of analysis. The basic challenge is to integrate the emergent cyber and the more conventional international relations into an overarching view of actors, actions, and outcomes in an increasingly complex world of turbulence and change, in “real” and cyber terms.

Recent Work