Prof. Dick K P Yue

Philip J Solondz (1948) Professor of Engineering
Professor of Mechanical and Ocean Engineering
Director of International Programs, School of Engineering
Director, Singapore-MIT Alliance (SMA)

Primary DLC

School of Engineering

MIT Room: 5-321

Areas of Interest and Expertise

Wave Hydromechanics with Applications to Large-Amplitude Motions and Extreme Loads on Ships and Offshore Structures
Nonlinear Wave-Wave Interactions and Wave Kinematics for Ocean and Coastal Processes
Hydrodynamics of Underwater Vehicles with Emphasis on Submarine Operations in Confined Waters and Near Waves
Fluid Mechanics and Vorticity Control of Moving Flexible Bodies
Free-Surface Vortical and Turbulent Flows
Theoretical and Computational Hydrodynamics
Advanced Computational Methods for Engineering Mechanics
Computer-Assisted Teaching of Fluid Dynamics
Applied Ocean Science and Engineering
Wave Power

Research Summary

Dick Yue specializes in theoretical and computational marine hydrodynamics. His early work focused on computational methods for wave diffraction, high-order wave forces on offshore structures and the prediction of large-amplitude ship motions and loads. This work has led to the development of computer codes now widely used in the marine and offshore industries. Since then, he has contributed to the evaluation of hydrodynamic interactions among multiple bodies in waves, the prediction of second-order wave forces on offshore structures, and numerical methods and predictions for nonlinear wave-wave and wave-body interactions. Professor Yue's current research efforts are in two main areas~ (1) nonlinear wave hydrodynamics, including the simulation of three-dimensional breaking waves, nonlinear wave forces on large bodies, large-amplitude motions of ships, impact loads due to steep waves and water entry, and nonlinear evolution of wave-fields and their interactions with the bottom; and (2) vertical flows near the ocean surface, and verticalflow dynamics associated with moving bodies. He has made fundamental contributions to the understanding of the hydrodynamics of swimming fish, and has applied these principles to the design of underwater vehicles. He has also investigated vertical and turbulent flows in the air-sea interface, as well as their effects on surface waves and interface processes.

Professor Yue's teaching specialties include turbulence and separated flows; marine hydrodynamics; numerical methods for marine hydrodynamics; and application of bionnimetic observations to marine propulsion, i.e., mimicking nature. He has also developed innovative methodologies and computer software for the computeraided teaching of marine hydrodynamics. Professor Yue has also been very active in student affairs at MIT, serving as Chair of the Department's Undergraduate Program and as a member of the Education Committee of the School of Engineering. At the Institute level, he has served on the Committee on Student Affairs and the Committee on Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid. Professor Yue was named Associate Dean of the School of Engineering in 1999.

Recent Work