Prof. Mark Bathe

Professor of Biological Engineering

Primary DLC

Department of Biological Engineering

MIT Room: 16-255


Christine Slocombe

Areas of Interest and Expertise

Integration of High Resolution Light and Electron Microscopy Data with Mechanistic Models of Cytoskeletal Function
Algorithms for Data Intensive Computation in Cellular Imaging

Biomolecular Engineering Computational Biophysics Computational Modeling of Biological Systems Nucleic Acid Nanotechnology Macromolecular Biochemistry & Biophysics Molecular Biomechanics

Research Summary

The mission of the Laboratory for Computational Biology & Biophysics is to advance a mechanistic, physical understanding of molecular, cellular, and developmental biology. Toward this aim, we focus on the development and application of computational technologies that enable the generation and systematic evaluation of biological models that are rooted in physics and chemistry using high-information-content physical biological data sets including fluorescence light microscopy and chromatin interaction frequency maps. The modeling and analysis of these data sets in close collaboration with experimental biologists drives the generation of quantitative hypotheses of biological function that can be tested experimentally using genetic and drug perturbations. This iterative interaction between data generation-analysis and model generation-testing advances our mechanistic understanding of molecular, cellular, and developmental biology.

Recent Work