Prof. Paul I Barton

Lammot du Pont Professor in Chemical Engineering

Primary DLC

Department of Chemical Engineering

MIT Room: 66-470B

Areas of Interest and Expertise

Dynamic Modeling, Simulation and Optimization
Hybrid and Embedded Systems
Mixed-Integer and Global Optimization Theory and Algorithms
Design and Operation of Micro- and Nano-Scale Chemical Processes
Systems Biology
Microbial Consortia
Energy Systems Engineering
Energy Storage
Pharmaceutical Process Engineering

Research Summary

The Process Systems Engineering Laboratory at MIT is conducting a broad program of research related to modeling, simulation, optimization and design of large-scale dynamic systems. Applications are drawn from the traditional chemical process industries, and from less traditional areas such as pharmaceutical and biochemical processes, micro-and nano-scale process systems, complex chemical reaction mechanisms such as those in combustion systems, nuclear hydrogen generation, modeling and design of organic electronic devices, and energy production, transformation and distribution systems. Research interests and contributions include hybrid (discrete/continuous) dynamic systems; design and modeling of complex distillation systems; numerical analysis of ordinary differential, differential-algebraic and partial differential-algebraic equations; sensitivity analysis and automatic differentiation; pollution prevention in process design; mixed-integer and dynamic optimization theory and algorithms; process safety analysis; open process modeling software.

(updated 8/2011)

Recent Work