Prof. David Simchi-Levi

Professor of Engineering Systems
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Head, MIT Data Science Lab

Primary DLC

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

MIT Room: E17-459

Areas of Interest and Expertise

Transportation Systems Analysis
Logistics Systems Analysis
Design of Distribution/Service Systems
Integrating Inventory Control and Transportation Costs
Inventory Theory
Location Theory
Production Systems: Design and Control
Scheduling and Sequencing
Revenue and Yield Management
Operations Research
Optimization-Based Desicion Support Systems
Supply Chain Management
Telecommunications Networks: Design and Control
Vehicle Routing Problems
Engineering Systems
Labor Issues and Manufacturing

Recent Work

  • Video


    October 27, 2020Conference Video Duration: 30:16
    This presentation will focus on the evolving applications of digitization, analytics and automation for end-to-end supply chain transformation in the retail sector which has witnessed some of the fastest digital growth.

        Technology Trends to enable Supply Chain digitalization
        Advanced Demand Analytics and its Impact on Business Performance
        Implementation: Global Retailer
        Requirements for Success

    David Simichi-Levi - Supply Chain 6.12.20

    June 12, 2020Conference Video Duration: 73:0

    Simichi Levi Supply Chain 6 12 20

    David Simchi-Levi

    May 1, 2018MIT Faculty Feature Duration: 14:14

    Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Engineering Systems; Head, Accenture and MIT Alliance in Business Analytics