Prof. Sidney Yip

Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering, Emeritus

Primary DLC

Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering

MIT Room: 24-216B

Areas of Interest and Expertise

Computational Materials Design
Multiscale Modeling and Simulation
Atomistic Simulations of Fundamental Materials Properties and Behavior
Mechanical and Thermal Behavior of Structural and Functional Materials

Research Summary

Professor Yip's research interests in recent years have focused on the theory and simulation of fundamental materials properties and behavior across different length and time scales. He has specialized in developing molecular models to elucidate the atomic-level mechanisms governing such phenomena as melting, elastic instabilities, crack-tip plasticity, solid-state amorphization, and grain-boundary structure and dynamics. His current projects are mostly concerned with mechanical and thermal behavior of structural and functional materials, specifically problems of strength, deformation and toughness of metals and ceramics, dislocation core structure, interactions and mobility, environmental effects of hydrolytic weakening, and studies of electronic and thermal conductivities in nanostructures.

Recent Work