Prof. Dennis G Whyte

Hitachi America Professor of Engineering

Primary DLC

Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering

MIT Room: NW17-288


Kristina Souza

Areas of Interest and Expertise

Fusion Energy and Power Plant Design
Role of Innovation in Fusion
Plasma-Material Interactions
Boundary Plasmas
Fusion Technology

Research Summary

Professor Whyte's research falls into the following areas:

(1) Magnetic Fusion Energy: Boundary plasma physics, advanced plasma confinement regimes in tokamaks, plasma diagnostics, mitigation of disruption damages

(2) Plasma-Surface Interactions: basic physics of plasma-material interfaces, dynamic measurement techniques for material evolution under plasma bombardment, implications of plasma-surface interactions in magnetic fusion reactors

(3) Accelerators and Surface Analysis: low-energy nuclear scattering techniques for material analysis and damage, development of in-situ surface diagnostic methods for magnetic fusion

Recent Work