Dr. Stephanie L Woerner

Research Scientist

Primary DLC

Center for Information Systems Research

MIT Room: E94-1557

Areas of Interest and Expertise

Digital Business Models
IT Reuse
Changing Role of the CIO
Total Firm Digitization
Electronic Communication Practices
Organizational Forms and Structures

Research Summary

Woerner studies how companies manage organizational change caused by the digitization of the economy. Her research centers on enterprise digitization and the associated governance and strategy implications. Two current studies include (a) the amount, allocation and impact of enterprise-wide digital investments and (b) how digitization is influencing the shape of next-generation enterprise.In addition, she manages CISR surveys and the accompanying data on IT strategies, practices, financial data and performance metrics. Woerner previously studied distributed work teams and their use of multiple media, electronic communication technologies and coordination mechanisms.

(summary updated 7/2013)

Recent Work

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    October 12, 2022Conference Video Duration: 41:41
    Stephanie Woerner
    Director and Principal Research Scientist , MIT Center for Information Systems Research (CISR)

    2020 Innovations in Management - Stephanie Woerner

    May 28, 2020Conference Video Duration: 59:8
    2020 Innovations in Management - Stephanie Woerner

    Getting Future Ready for the Digital Economy

    May 26, 2020MIT Faculty Feature Duration: 16:0

    Stephanie Woerner
    Principal Research Scientist; Executive Director, Center for Information Systems Research; MIT Sloan School of Management

    2020 Digital Transformation - Stephanie Woerner

    May 19, 2020Conference Video Duration: 59:54
    2020 COVID 19 and Crisis Management Business Resilience - Stephanie Woerner

    Stephanie Woerner - 2019 Vienna Conference

    April 3, 2019Conference Video Duration: 47:7

    Creating the Next Generation Enterprise

    How will your company compete in the digital economy? Based on her book What’s Your Digital Business Model? (Harvard Business School Press, 2018), co-authored with Peter Weill and cited by Forbes as one of the top ten business books in 2018, Stephanie L. Woerner presents six questions for business leaders to answer in order to navigate their digital transformation journeys. Stephanie will describe the future business model framework, based on two dimensions of major change enabled by digitization — getting closer to end consumers and moving from value chains to ecosystems—and show the financial performance of firms pursuing each model with examples drawn from a variety of industries. She will discuss what it takes to succeed in each model and the key capabilities each company must build.