Prof. Fredo Durand

Amar Bose Professor of Computing

Primary DLC

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

MIT Room: 32-D424


Roger White

Areas of Interest and Expertise

Picture Generation and Creation
Pictorial Style for Non-Photorealistic Rendering
Digital Photography and Video Editing and Enhancement
Real-Time Rendering
Computer Graphics
Computational Photography
Structural Analysis of Masonry
Content Creation for Online Education 
Lighting Simulation, Fourier Analysis, Light Fields 
Computational Optics, Blur Removal, Revealing the Invisible, Video Magnification 
Systems for Computational Imaging and Compilers 
Video Lecture Authoring and Editing

Research Summary

Professor Durand's research interests span most aspects of picture generation and creation. This includes realistic graphics, real-time rendering, non-photorealistic rendering, as well as computational photography. His recent emphasis is on the use of tools from signal processing and inspiration from perceptual sciences.

Durand's research topics include photo editing, image beautification, contrast management, cinematographic photography and lighting, non-photorealistic rendering, synergy between psychology and art history, parameterization and capture of style, perception for rendering, tone mapping, compensation of the limitations of images , model simplification, realistic rendering, visibility.

Durand did his thesis at iMAGIS under the supervision of Claude Puech and George Drettakis. It dealt with: global 3D visibility, real-time rendering, global illumination, discontinuity meshing.

Recent Work