Dr. Joseph V Bonventre

HST Affiliated Faculty
Samuel A Levine Professor of Medicine
Director, Renal Division, Brigham & Women's Hospital (BWH)

Primary DLC

Harvard-MIT Program in Health Sciences and Technology


Areas of Interest and Expertise

Roles of Proteins (Phospholipase A2s) on Cellular and Tissue Injury in Kidney and Brain
Tissue Engineering to Facilitate/Regenerate Kidney Fuction in Chronic Renal Disease
Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms Responsible for Tissue Injury and Repair
Renal Biology
Signal Transduction

Research Summary

Dr. Bonventre studies the mechanisms of cellular and tissue injury and repair, particularly as applied to ischemic injury to the kidney (ischemic acute renal failure, ARF). One of the major focus of his laboratory studies is the phospholipase A2(PLA2) and the role of this family of enzymes on acute tissue injury, apoptosis, signal transduction and nuclear events including transcription. By understanding the role that PLA2s play in injury, Dr. Bonventre and his colleagues will have better insights into the mechanisms that are important for gene regulation such as cell proliferation, cell death and tissue repair after acute renal failure.

Recent Work