Entry Date:
January 10, 1998

Medical Sciences (M.D.) Program

HST's Medical Sciences Program constitutes one of the five academic "societies" at Harvard Medical School (HMS).

The programs of study are designed to develop excellently trained, clinically and socially responsible physicians with a deep understanding of the underlying science of medicine. The approach is quantitative and rigorous and emphasizes molecular biology, biotechnology, engineering, and physical sciences.

HST M.D. program provides students with curricular flexibility, and its richly diversified educational opportunities provide an excellent environment appropriate to the interests, talents, and aspirations of each student. The small class size of approximately 40 students facilitates productive interaction between students and faculty. Students are encouraged to pursue advanced study in areas of their interests that may complement the courses offered in the Division. Such study may be undertaken as part of the curriculum leading to the M.D. degree, an M.D./M.S. or may be pursued in a combined M.D./Ph.D. Program.

HST M.D. students are required to become actively involved in independent research under the direction of a faculty member. Such research may be conducted longitudinally throughout the students' medical studies, if carefully planned. As described above, because of the structure of the curriculum, it is also quite feasible to slow the rate of progress through the formal curriculum in order to permit more time to be devoted to research. Students making substantial research commitments may qualify for appointments as Research Assistants. which provide partial or full financial support through salary and tuition credits.