Prof. John R Williams

Professor of Information Engineering
Director, MIT Geospatial Data Center
Director, MIT Intelligent Engineering Systems Laboratory

Primary DLC

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

MIT Room: 1-250

Areas of Interest and Expertise

Information Technology
Web-Based Education Technology
Computer Simulation
Discrete Element and Wavelet Analysis of Granular and Powder Systems
Non-Continuum Numerical Analysis of Particle Systems and Materials
Computer-Aided Engineering
Computational Mechanics
Virtual Construction Systems
Ford Motor Company-MIT Alliance
Engineering Systems
Systems and Transportation

Research Summary

In the Williams lab, the goal is to develop leading-edge computation and information technologies. These technologies will improve our ability to address complex scientific and engineering problems using large-scale simulation. Two main areas of that the lab focuses on are (1) simulation of particle systems and (2) information systems, particularly for online education.

Recent Work