Prof. Sili Deng

d'Arbeloff Career Development Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Primary DLC

Department of Mechanical Engineering

MIT Room: 3-336


Janet Sabio Maslow

Areas of Interest and Expertise

Energy Conversion and Storage
Materials Synthesis
Data-Driven Modeling of Reacting Flows
Combustion Control
Propulsion, Transportation and Electricity Generation
Fuel Reforming
Emission Reduction
Combustion and Chemically Reacting Flows

Research Summary

Dr. Deng works in the area of combustion, with a focus on understanding flame dynamics and emissions during combustion processes. Her work combined both experiments and computations to advance fundamental understanding of combustion and emission processes as well as to develop novel technologies for electricity and power generation, emission control, and fuel reforming. Her recent research interests are to combine combustion and material science to develop flame synthesis technologies for high-throughput-low-cost nanomaterial production and their applications in energy conversion and storage.

Deng's initial focus on the following areas:
(*) Energy conversion with a low carbon objective: high-efficiency low-emission engines, waste heat recovery, energetic materials, photoelectrochemical devices
(*) Flame synthesis: flame-based/flameless synthesis of nanomaterials for sensing, solar cell, and photoelectrochemical devices
(*) Combustion: chemical kinetics, flame dynamics and combustion instability, pollutant formation and reduction
(*) Multiphase chemically reacting flows: experimentation and computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

Recent Work