Prof. Steven D Eppinger

General Motors Leaders for Global Operations Professor of Management Science and Engineering Systems
Industry Co-Director, System Design and Management (SDM)

Primary DLC

MIT Sloan School of Management

MIT Room: E62-468

Areas of Interest and Expertise

Automotive industry
Business Process Modeling
Innovation Management
Innovative Thinking
Intellectual Property
Medical Devices
New Venture Development
Oil Industry
Open Innovation
Product Design
Product Development
Product Innovation
Project Management (General)
Research and Development
Technological Innovation

Research Summary

Professor Eppinger is an expert in product development and project management. His research deals with how to understand and improve complex development processes, such as those involving automobiles, airplanes, and computer systems. He is also an expert source in the study of how to organize globally distributed development teams comprised of hundreds of people. He examines design methods and practices ranging from simple products to complex systems.

Recent Work