Prof. Erich P Ippen

Professor of Electrical Engineering and Physics, Emeritus

Primary DLC

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

MIT Room: 36-319

Areas of Interest and Expertise

Femtosecond Optics
Quantum Electronics
Ultrafast Optics
Ultrashort Pulse Lasers
Microstructured Fiber
Modelocked Lasers
Optical Communications
Photonic Integration

Research Summary

Professor Ippen's research activities are in the field of optics, with particular focus on femtosecond science and ultra-highspeed devices. He and his group have invented methods for generating extremely short (femtosecond) pulses of light with lasers; they develop new measurement techniques to take advantage of the time resolution that these pulses provide; and, with these techniques, they excite and probe ultrafast phenomena in materials. Professor Ippen's group is also developing ultrashort-pulse fiber-optic devices for a variety of applications including optical communications and signal processing.

Current specific topics of research include:
* Sub-two-cycle pulse generation with solid state lasers;
* Ultrafast carrier dynamics in semiconductors and metals;
* Photonic bandgap structures, and
* Optical fiber lasers and data storage loops for ultra-highspeed all-optical networks.

Recent Work