Prof. David E Hardt

Ralph E and Eloise F Cross Professor in Manufacturing
Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Primary DLC

Department of Mechanical Engineering

MIT Room: 35-231

Areas of Interest and Expertise

Control of Manufacturing Processes
Microfluidic Device Manufacture
Scale-Up of Micro-Contact Printing for Metamaterial Production
Manufacturing Process Technology
Molding Compounds

Research Summary

Dr. Hardt's teaching focuses on control, system dynamics, and manufacturing processes. His disciplinary focus is system dynamics and control as applied to manufacturing. His research is currently focusing on manufacturing of polymer micro devices, especially microfluidic chips. Recent work includes the manufacturing scale up of PDMS casting methods, in-depth investigation of microembossing process parameters, novel equipment design for microembossing and development of a Â?Research Factory for microfluidic devices. Prof. Hardt is the founder of the MIT Center for Polymer Microfabrication and also created the Master of Engineering in Manufacturing degree program at MIT.

Dr. Hardt's most recent work involves developing a comprehensive process control approach combining feedback and statistical control methods.

(summary updated 11/2011)

Recent Work