Dr. Cagri Hakan Zaman

Director, MIT Virtual Experience Design Lab
Lecturer of Design and Computation
Co-Founder, Mediate

Primary DLC

Department of Architecture

MIT Room: 5-414

Areas of Interest and Expertise


Research Summary

Dr. Cagri Hakan Zaman is the Director of MIT Virtual Experience Design Lab and a Lecturer in Design and Computation at the MIT Department of Architecture. His interdisciplinary research focuses on understanding human spatial experiences in physical and virtual spaces to develop immersive media tools for design and engineering. His dissertation "Spatial Experience in Humans and Machines" offers a novel approach to spatial experience from a story-understanding perspective. Dr. Zaman has extensive research experience in artificial intelligence, immersive media, and computational design. Prior to Virtual Experience Design Lab, he conducted research at MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) and MIT Design Lab.

A recipient of the MIT DesignX challenge grant in 2017, Dr. Zaman founded Mediate, a Sommerville-based research and innovation laboratory, which develops AI and XR solutions that empower people in physical spaces. His project Supersense, an AI-powered mobile application for visually impaired and blind individuals, has been considered among the top assistive technology solutions and supported by National Science Foundation and US Veteran Affairs

Recent Work