Entry Date:
January 24, 2018

Good Jobs Initiative

Principal Investigator Zeynep Ton

The Good Companies, Good Jobs Initiative is about making work work in the 21st century. We seek to discover, demonstrate, and expand business practices that measurably improve the quality of work and enhance
long-term business value.

The Good Companies, Good Jobs Initiative operates at the intersection of people and profit. We concentrate on the crucial role of business in the simultaneous production of economic and social value. The Initiative at MIT is part of The Hitachi Foundation’s legacy upon its closing in 2016. With gifts to MIT’s Sloan School of Management, Investors’ Circle and the Aspen Institute, the Foundation enabled its important work to continue. The Foundation Board envisioned impact greater than the sum of its parts -- namely a 21st century defined by good companies, good jobs for all.

Through practice-research, action-learning and a dynamic media/communications program, the Good Companies, Good Jobs Initiative addresses these seemingly simple, but often confounding questions:

(*) What is good work, what are good jobs?
(*) What is a good company?
(*) What enables, and what prevents, the spread of more good jobs companies?

What Is the Good Jobs Strategy? The Good Jobs Strategy is a combination of investment in people with smart operational choices to create value to customers, employees, and investors. Use our scorecard to determine why your organization can benefit from the Good Jobs Strategy.

Practice Research -- Research projects distill the qualities, illuminate the barriers /enablers and help expand the numbers of good companies, good jobs.

(*) We focus on practices and policies that have the potential to diffuse and sustain organizations and employment relationships that simultaneously generate good financial performance and good jobs.
(*) Projects help to refine the picture, deepen knowledge about diffusion and sharpen the tools of 21st century business.

Practice research projects apply high standards of analytic rigor as they result in practical tools, curricular and training materials policy and management frameworks that have the potential to influence practice at the intersection of people and profit.

Action Learning -- The Initiative brings practitioners, scholars and students together in the spirit of inquiry and in pursuit of knowledge. Conferences, workshops, classroom and online MITx offerings focus on strategies and tools for building good companies and good jobs.

We offer a range of learning and hands-on design opportunities for thought leaders policymakers and business executives – from start-ups to mature companies.