Entry Date:
September 19, 2012

Integrated Ocean Dynamics and Acoustics (IODA)

Principal Investigator Pierre Lermusiaux

Co-investigators Patrick J Haley , Nicholas Makris , Dick Yue

Long-Term Goal: Study the coupled dynamics of ocean, surface and internal waves, seabed and acoustics processes with atmospheric forcing, integrating our ocean-wave-acoustic fields and models, including computational codes. The specific goals will be to:

(*) Utilize large-scale nonlinear direct simulations to improve understanding, study and discover fundamental dynamics;
(*) Validate and further develop statistical and stochastic models of such dynamics, using guidance from the direct deterministic simulations and from sea measurements

Research group roles:
(*) Makris group: new unified four-dimensional modeling with a focus on fundamental acoustic research, including 3D spatial multiple scattering effects and their statistical representations;
(*) Yue group: computational and modeling research for novel large-scale deterministic/phase-resolved predictions of nonlinear ocean waves and flow fields, including surface gravity waves, internal waves and bottom bathymetry interactions; and
(*) Lermusiaux group: multi-resolution data-assimilative ocean modeling for acoustic studies including new stochastic process parameterizations and study of ocean dynamics most relevant for acoustics, from internal tides and waves to mesoscales.