Barbara Wixom

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Center for Information Systems Research

MIT Room: E94-1553


Amber Franey

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    Barbara Wixom - 2017 Management

    October 4, 2017Conference Video Duration: 30:47

    Monetizing Your Data: Three Ways To Convert Your Data into Financial Returns

    The possession of rich amounts of data is hardly unique in today’s world. But the ability to monetize data effectively — and not simply hoard it — can be a source of competitive advantage in the digital economy. Join Professor Barb Wixom to discuss three ways to monetize your data: (1) improving internal business processes and decisions to get process lift, (2) wrapping information around core products and services to get product lift, and (3) selling information offerings to new and existing markets. Each method offers unique capabilities and commitments that may not work for every corporation.

    2017 MIT Innovations in Management Conference