Dr. John F Carrier

Senior Lecturer

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System Dynamics

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    March 29, 2023Conference Video Duration: 83:40
    How to Forge a Clear Path to Industry 4.0 -- Management


    March 8, 2023Conference Video Duration: 49:29
    Fighting the Enemy Within: Reversing Self-Inflicted Damage in Organizations to Dynamically Outperform Competitors During Economic Downturns 


    December 1, 2021Conference Video Duration: 27:38
    John Carrier
    Senior Lecturer, System Dynamics
    MIT Sloan School of Management

    9.11.20 Deep Learning vs Profound Wisdom 1 John Carrier

    September 11, 2020Conference Video Duration: 56:24
    9.11.20 Deep Learning vs  Profound Wisdom 1  John Carrier

    2020 Digital Transformation - John F Carrier

    May 19, 2020Conference Video Duration: 57:15
    2020 COVID 19 and Crisis Management Business Resilience - John F Carrier

    John Carrier - 2017 Management

    October 4, 2017Conference Video Duration: 34:58

    Winning the Fire Drill: How Not to Lose the “Middle Game” of Your Company’s IIoT Transformation

    As in chess, the most perilous part of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) transition is the “middle game” – where the number of options to choose from is highest, yet visibility into the consequences of any individual decision or action is at its lowest. Fortunately, there are over fifty years of theory and experience in System Dynamics to help you make consistently better decisions as you lead your organization through the “quagmire of execution.” Join John Carrier to learn the fundamental system principles for managing the hundreds of “small decisions” that will ultimately determine the outcome of your IIoT initiative. Carrier will also highlight the cultural aspects of technological adoption within the context of an existing operation.

    2017 MIT Innovations in Management Conference