Dr. Bruce G Cameron

Director, System Architecture Lab

Primary DLC

System Design and Management

MIT Room: 33-413

Areas of Interest and Expertise

Product Development
Technology Strategy
Corporate Strategy
Manufacturing Strategy
Product Families

Recent Work

  • Video
    March 13, 2019Conference Video Duration: 45:11

    Bruce Cameron - 2019 Management Conference

    Is Your CTO Obsolete? Findings from the MIT CTO Study

    Chief Technology Officers represent an increasingly valuable role in the C-suite, given recent technology-sector IPO frequency and valuations. However, CTOs are an amorphous group : they range from product developers (e.g. Bobby Murphy of Snap) to R&D portfolio managers (e.g. Dr. Greg Hyslop of Boeing) to technology evangelists (e.g. Werner Vogels of Amazon). Some CTOs deliver enormous value for their companies based on their decision-making and their presence, while others fade into the background noise of corporate overhead. In the face of long-term technology trends, how will you know if your CTO is contributing to the value of the firm? We will summarize the initial findings MIT CTO Study, an ongoing project to characterize the role and performance of CTOs.