Dr. Julie E Greenberg

Senior Lecturer
Director of Education and Academic Affairs (IMES)

Primary DLC

Institute for Medical Engineering and Science

MIT Room: E25-518

Areas of Interest and Expertise

Speech Perception
Sound Spectrography
Biomedical Engineering

Research Summary

Dr. Julie E. Greenberg's research in focuses on improving speech intelligibility for cochlear implant users in adverse listening environments.

Hearing Aid Device Development -- The overall objective of work sponsored by the National Institutes of Health under this contract has been to evaluate promising signal processing algorithms for hearing aids under realistic conditions. Recent work has aimed at: (1) evaluating the behavioral and acoustic performance of several feedback-cancellation algorithms; (2) assessing the improvements to speech reception in the presence of interfering noise provided by processing signals from an array of four microphones worn on a headband; and 3) developing a predictive model of cancellation performance achievable with two ear-level microphones.

Recent Work