Prof. F Daniel Hidalgo

Associate Professor of Political Science

Primary DLC

Department of Political Science

MIT Room: E53-402

Areas of Interest and Expertise

Political Consequences of Fraud-Reducing Electoral Reforms
Role of Money in Politics
Use of Violence in Elections

Research Summary

Professor Hidalgo's research focuses on political representation and electoral behavior in poor and middle-income democracies, as well as applied quantitative methods in the social sciences. His current substantive research interests include the political consequences of fraud-reducing electoral reforms, the role of money in politics, and the use of violence in elections. Hidalgo's methodological interests focus on the statistics of causal inference and the application of machine learning techniques to new forms of political data, such as images and text. He has extensive experience conducting qualitative and quantitative research in countries as diverse as Brazil, India, Mexico, Georgia, and India.

Recent Work