Prof. Anne E White

Associate Provost and Associate Vice President for Research Administration
School of Engineering Distinguished Professor of Engineering
Department Head / Nuclear Science and Engineering
Associate Director, Plasma Science and Fusion Center (PSFC)

Primary DLC

Office of the Provost

MIT Room: 24-107

Areas of Interest and Expertise

Magnetic Confinement Fusion
Tokamak (Fusion) Experiments
Plasma Physics
Plasma Turbulence and Turbulence Driven Transport
Plasma Diagnostics
Remote Sensing and Detection of Radiation
Nuclear Fusion

Research Summary

Small fluctuations in tokamak plasmas lead to turbulence, and turbulent eddies can very effectively transport heat from the hot core across confining magnetic field lines out to the cooler plasma edge. Predicting this phenomenon of turbulent-transport is essential for the development of fusion reactors. In order to improve predictive capability by testing and validating models of turbulent-transport, detailed measurements of fluctuations in high-performance, reactor relevant tokamak plasmas are required. Diagnostic techniques that allow for simultaneous measurements of fluctuations in plasma density, temperature, and flows in the core and edge of Alcator C-Mod are presently being developed. With these new measurement capabilities we will improve our understanding of how turbulence is suppressed and how the turbulent-transport of particles, energy and momentum can be separated from one another. The new data from these measurements allow for stringent tests of turbulent-transport models. Close collaboration between experiment, theory and simulation is a key aspect of this work.

Recent Work