Prof. Juejun (JJ) Hu

Merton C Flemings Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering

Primary DLC

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

MIT Room: 13-4054


Sandra Crawford-Jenkins

Areas of Interest and Expertise

Electronic, Photonic, and Magnetic Materials
Energy and the Environment
Thin Films

Research Summary

Research focuses on novel materials and devices for exploiting the interactions of light with matter:
(1) Chalcogenide glass materials and devices for sensing and nonlinear optics;
(2) Light management in concentrated photovoltaics and thin film solar cells;
(3) On-chip magneto-optical isolation and nonreciprocal photonics;
(4) Photonic integration on unconventional substrates; and
(5) Materials and devices for infrared imaging, spectroscopy, and advanced manufacturing

Recent Work

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    October 26, 2021Conference Video Duration: 17:45
    Juejun Hu | Associate Professor, MIT Materials Science & Engineering

    10.2021-Sense.nano-Introduction-for-Session 3-Imaging-Q-A

    October 26, 2021Conference Video Duration: 20:17

    Brian Anthony | Associate Director, MIT.nano
    Moungi Bawendi
    Lester Wolfe Professor of Chemistry
    MIT Department of Chemistry
    Juejun (JJ) Hu
    Associate Professor, Department of Materials Science & Engineering
    Daniel Moyer
    Postdoctoral Associate, MIT Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Lab


    October 28, 2020Conference Video Duration: 32:3
    Microphotonics, which replaces traditional bulk optical systems with their miniaturized chip-scale counterparts, has enabled broad applications ranging from communications to sensing and imaging. New materials are playing a pivotal role in microphotonics both to enable new optical functionalities and to enhance device and system performances. This talk will provide an overview on photonic material innovations at MIT that empowers the microphotonic revolution on the horizon.

    9.28.20 Micro Optics-JJ-Hu

    September 28, 2020Conference Video Duration: 62:15
    9.28.20 Micro Optics

    JJ Hu

    June 4, 2020MIT Faculty Feature Duration: 12:37

    Associate Professor
    Materials Science and Engineering