Prof. Richard D Braatz

Edwin R Gilliland Professor of Chemical Engineering
Research Officer, Department of Chemical Engineering

Primary DLC

Department of Chemical Engineering

MIT Room: E19-551

Areas of Interest and Expertise

Process Systems and Control
Pharmaceutical Crystallization
Multiscale Systems Engineering
Applied Mathematics
Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing
Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Systems Controls

Research Summary

Research is in applied mathematics and control theory and its application to manufacturing systems where the control of events at the molecular scale is key to product quality. Some specific applications include:

(*) Optimal design of pharmaceutical crystallizers that utilize process intensification to manufacture crystals of precisely controlled size and molecular structure;

(*) Multiscale modeling and design of nano- and microstructured polymeric materials that respond to internal or external stimuli to spatially control the release of macromolecules;

(*) Control of molecular systems and nanodevices, from molecular clustering on surfaces to carbon nanotube-based nanobiosensors.

(summary updated 11/2011)

Recent Work

  • Video
    December 4, 2018Conference Video Duration: 28:22

    AI in LIfe Science 2018 - Richard Braatz

    Robust Data Analytics in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

    Although process data analytics is a valuable tool for improving the manufacturing of biologic drugs, selection of the best method requires a substantial level of expertise. This talk describes a robust and automated approach for process data analytics tool selection that allows the user to focus on goals rather than methods. The approach first applies tools to automatically interrogate the data to ascertain its characteristics, e.g., nonlinearity, correlation, dynamics. This information is then used to select a best-in-class process data analytics tool. The approach is demonstrated for industrial data for the manufacturing of a monoclonal antibody.

    2018 MIT AI in Life Sciences and Healthcare Conference