Prof. Retsef Levi

J Spencer Standish (1945) Professor of Operations Management
Management Faculty Co-Director, Leaders for Global Operations (LGO) Program

Primary DLC

MIT Sloan School of Management

MIT Room: E62-562


Jacalyn Martelli

Areas of Interest and Expertise

Supply Chain and Inventory Management
Revenue Management
Healthcare Management
Multistage Stochastic Optimization
Data-Driven Algorithms
Combinatorial Optimization
Management Science (MS)
Systems Dynamics
Medical Decision-Making with Technological Advances
Optimal Control
Price Fixing
Facility Location
Manufacturing Management and Manufacturing Systems
Operations Management
Process Control
Project Management
Vehicle Routing
Business Intelligence
Decision Support
Mathematical pProgramming
Operations Research
Applied Mathematics
Applied Probability
Stochastic Modeling
Revenue Management Optimization
Food, Safety/Security

Research Summary

Professor Levi's current research is focused on the design and the performance analysis of efficient algorithms for fundamental stochastic and deterministic optimization models, arising in the context of supply chain and inventory management, revenue management, logistics and healthcare management. Levi has special interest in Cost-Balancing techniques, data-driven (sampling-based) algorithms, and modern Linear-Programming-based approximation techniques applied to models in the above domains. In addition, he is interested in stochastic and combinatorial optimization and mathematical programming in their broad definition, and especially in their intersection with problems that arise in the context of real-life applications.

Recent Work

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    February 28, 2024Conference Video Duration: 39:28
    Resilient AI-Enabled Business Processes and Systems 


    March 16, 2022Conference Video Duration: 44:47

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    Retsef Levi
    J Spencer Standish (1945) Professor of Management
    Professor of Operations Management
    MIT Sloan School of Management