Prof. H Harry Asada

Ford Professor of Engineering
Singapore Research Professor of Mechnical Engineering
Director, d’Arbeloff BioRobotics Lab
Head, Control, Instrumentation, and Robotics

Primary DLC

Department of Mechanical Engineering

MIT Room: 3-346

Areas of Interest and Expertise

Computer-Aided Manufacturing
Dynamic Systems and Control
Information-Driven Mechanical Systems
Manufacturing and Manufacturing Systems
Materials Processing
Robots, Manipulators and Teleoperators
Information Technology
Biomedical Engineering
Design and Manufacturing
Home Automation and Health Care Consortium

Research Summary

Professor Asada is currently working on a project called, "Robot-on-the-Human: Supernumerary Robotic Limbs," which is a wearable robot that is perceived to be part of the human body. Other projects include one on aircraft manufacturing sponsored by Boeing and another sponsored by Sumitomo Heavy Industries.

Recent Work