Prof. Daniel D Frey

Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Systems
Faculty Director, D-Lab
Faculty Advisor, Comprehensive Initiative on Technology Evaluation (CITE)

Primary DLC

Department of Mechanical Engineering

MIT Room: 5-321

Areas of Interest and Expertise

Robust Design
Six Sigma
CAD Manufacturing/Flank Milling

Research Summary

Professor Frey conducts research on system design methods including such diverse as robust design, design of experiments, probability, manufacturing, and computational geometry. The overarching goal of his research is to identify principles and practices that improve the process of engineering design. In particular, Professor Frey is interested in strategies for dealing with uncertainty in design using experiments and simulations. One well-known approach to this challenge is known as "robust design" in which factorial experiments are used to seek parameter settings that reduce sensitivity of the engineering system to variations.

Recent Work