Prof. Lydia Bourouiba

Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Associate Faculty, Institute for Medical Engineering and Science
Affiliate Faculty, MIT International Policy Lab

Primary DLC

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

MIT Room: 1-363B


Michelle McManus

Areas of Interest and Expertise

Fundamental Fluid Dynamics
Sprays and Atomization
Spray and Nebulizer Drug Delivery and Diagnostics
Rheology and Biological Complex Fluids
Clinical Studies
High Containment Biological Work – Viruses and Bacteria
Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases
Indoor Air and Contamination Design, Monitoring, and Management
Risk Assessment
Infectious Disease Transmission
Epidemiology, Modelling and Data Analysis
Multiscale Modelling
Fluid Dynamics - Interfacial, Multiphase and Non-Newtonian Flows

Research Summary

Professor Bourouiba directs a Biological Safety Level 2+ Laboratory with unique capabilities of control of airflow, moisture, and temperature conditions. The laboratory joins uniquely physical interfacial flows and microbiology to understand and develop new methods of control of contamination at various scales.

The laboratory specializes in developing innovative imaging techniques to elucidate fundamental mechanisms shaping interfacial flows, fluid-fragmentation and sprays, fluid-surface interactions and wetting, multiphase and complex flows and transport, including of biological organisms in a range of contexts as they pertain to health and contamination.

Professor Bourouiba is interested in a range of applications, spanning a range of industries, involving both modeling and data and experimental projects involving spray, atomization, drug delivery and monitoring, and health and decontamination or contamination mitigation solutions.

In 2019, Professor Bourouiba founded and chaired the inaugural Fluids and Health Conference: Fluid dynamics of disease transmission to foster the growth of this exciting frontier area of research beyond the Bourouiba Group and define important key challenges at the interface of fluid dynamics and epidemiology/public health. She subsequently founded and Chaired the Gordon Research Conference focused on Fluids and Health: Fluids in Disease Transmission and Contamination held in August 2022 to continue growing this critical frontier domain of research.

Recent Work