Prof. Russ Louis Tedrake

Toyota Professor of Computer Science and Engineering
Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Head, Robot Locomotion Group (CSAIL)

Primary DLC

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

MIT Room: 32-380B

Areas of Interest and Expertise

Theoretical Neurobiology
Computational Motor Control
Artificial Intelligence
Robotics, Nonlinear Control, and Machine Learning
Machine Learning

Legged Robots, Flapping Wing Flight, Motion Planning, Optimal Control and Reinforcement Learning, Convex Optimization, Flow Control, Biological Motor Control and Computational Neuroscience

Emphasis on Solving Difficult Robotics Problems with Nonlinear Dynamics and Combining Rigorous Feedback Control Approaches with Combinatorial Motion Planning Algorithms

Research Summary

Russ Tedrake is a world leader at the intersection of robotics and control theory. He pushes the frontier of humanoid and flying robots by developing both better theory and remarkably novel algorithms. In the DARPA Robotics challenge, his team has demonstrated robots capable of walking autonomously over rough terrain as well as climbing stairs. He and his students have also demonstrated robots that can fly at high speeds using only a commodity cell-phone processor. Tedrake received universal recognition for his ground-breaking work and is the winner of numerous best-paper awards from influential robotics conferences. A superb teacher and mentor, Tedrake has vastly enriched EECS curriculum, and his edX courses are followed by thousands of students.

Recent Work