Prof. Srinivas Devadas

Edwin Sibley Webster Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Margaret MacVicar Faculty Fellow

Primary DLC

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

MIT Room: 32-G844

Areas of Interest and Expertise

Computer-Aided Design
Computer Security
Computer Architecture
VLSI Design
Hardware Validation and Computer Security
Architectural Synthesis for Programmable Processors, Smart Caches, Security Problems in Pervasive Computing and Secure Processors
Big Data

Research Summary

Devadas's research interests include VLSI design, computer-aided design, computer architecture, hardware validation, network router hardware, computer security, and computational biology. One recent project he was involved with was building Aegis, a secure hardware processor. Currently, Devadas is working on trusted virtual computation and secure virtual storage as part of the Quanta T-Party project at MIT. He is also working on developing methods for protein structure prediction using machine learning and energy minimization techniques.

Devadas served as the chair of Area II (Computer Science Graduate Program) from June 2003 to November 2005, and as the Research Director of Architecture, Systems and Networking within CSAIL from September 2003 to October 2005. Currently, he serve as Associate Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Recent Work