Prof. Ronald G Ballinger

Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering
Co-Director, H H Uhlig Corrosion Laboratory

Primary DLC

Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering

MIT Room: NW22-117

Areas of Interest and Expertise

Corrosion and Fatigue
Environmental Degradation
Advanced Materials for Fusion Systems
Nuclear Materials
Stress Corrosion Cracking Behavior in Nuclear Systems
Fuel Behavior Modeling

Research Summary

Current research interests include fundamental studies of the relationship between processing, structure and properties in aqueous solutions in the Ni-Cr-Fe and aluminum alloy systems and the development of high strength materials for cryogenic applications. Examples of current research in these areas are: (1) studies of the electrochemical relationships between precipitated phases in high strength nickel-base alloys in aqueous systems, (2) the effect of heat treatment on corrosion fatigue and stress corrosion cracking behavior of nickel-base alloys, (3) the effect of neutron and gamma radiation on the stress corrosion cracking behavior of Ni-Cr-Fe alloys in Light Water Reactor environments, (4) modeling of radiation induced segregation, (5) modeling of crack tip chemistry in aqueous systems, (6) the development of new low coefficient of expansion, high strength, alloys for cryogenic service, and (7) pitting and crack initiation studies as they effect the aging of aircraft structural components.

Recent Work