Prof. Thomas Peacock

Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Primary DLC

Department of Mechanical Engineering

MIT Room: 3-360

Areas of Interest and Expertise

Environmental Dynamics
Stratified Flows
Internal Waves
Nonlinear Dynamics
Experimental Methods

Research Summary

Professor Peacock's research research is focused on the dynamics of density-stratified fluids, and nonlinear dynamics. These topics are particularly relevant to environmental fluid systems and, as such, much of his research pertains to the ocean. Peacock's group, the Environmental Dynamics Lab (END- Lab), has established an international reputation for the study of internal waves, these being propagating disturbances of the density stratification of the ocean, and the study of Lagrangian flow transport structures. A common thread throughout this research is the interplay between laboratory experiments, theoretical modeling and eld studies. This powerful combination supports development and testing of theoretical hypotheses, the pursuit of challenging nonlinear regimes where theory typically breaks down, and the grounding of the research in real-world scenarios. Peacock's group members regularly participate in the leading eld studies. To date, he has personally participated in ve research cruises, and in the next year he will go to the Arctic Ocean as well as leading his first research cruise in the southwest Pacific Ocean.

(summary updated 3/2015)

Recent Work