Prof. Yang Shao-Horn

W M Keck Professor of Energy
Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Professor of Materials Science and Engineering

Primary DLC

Department of Mechanical Engineering

MIT Room: 3-334

Areas of Interest and Expertise

Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage Technologies
Photoelectrocatalysis of O2 and CO2
Nanostructured Materials for Lithium Storage

Research Summary

Yang Shao-Horn studies materials for electrochemical and photoelectrochemical energy storage and conversion, which is centered on examining the influence of surface chemistry and electronic structures of thin films and nanomaterials on lithium storage and catalytic activity of small molecules of energy consequence, and applying fundamental understanding in reaction mechanisms to design new materials for lithium storage and electrocatalysis of oxygen reduction, water splitting, methanol oxidation and CO2 reduction.

Recent Work

  • Video
    February 24, 2021Conference Video Duration: 120:13


    Robert Stoner
    Deputy Director for Science and Technology, MIT Energy Initiative
    Founding Director, MIT Tata Center
    Christoph Reinhart
    Professor, School of Architecture + Planning
    Director, Building Technology Program
    Caitlin Mueller
    Associate Professor, Structural Design
    Director, Digital Structures Research Group
    Joint appointment with Civil and Environmental Engineering Department
    Leslie Norford
    Professor, Building Technology
    Associate Head, Department of Architecture
    Yang Shao-Horn
    Keck Professor of Energy, Mechanical Engineering