Prof. David H Autor

Ford Professor of Economics
Margaret MacVicar Faculty Fellow

Primary DLC

Department of Economics

MIT Room: E52-438

Areas of Interest and Expertise

Human Capital, Skills Training and Earnings Inequality
“Contingent” and Flexible Work Arrangements
Labor Market Impacts of Technological Change
Consequences of Employment Protection
Applied Microeconomics

Recent Work

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    March 24, 2021Conference Video Duration: 28:39
    David Autor
    Ford Professor of Economics
    Co-Chair, MIT Task Force on the Work of the Future

    David Autor - 2016-ICT-Conference

    April 27, 2016Conference Video Duration: 45:8

    Why Are There Still So Many Jobs? The Past and Future of Workplace Automation

    Recent advances in artificial intelligence and robotics are reshaping our thinking about the likely trajectory of occupational change and employment growth. Understanding the evolving relationship between computer capability and human skill demands requires confronting historical thinking about machine displacement of human labor and considering the contemporary incarnation of this displacement: the simultaneous growth of high-education, high-wage and low-education, low-wages jobs.

    2016 MIT Information and Communication Technologies Conference