Prof. Isaac Chuang

Professor of Electrical Engineering
Professor of Physics
Senior Associate Director of Digital Learning (ODL)
Head, Quanta Group

Primary DLC

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

MIT Room: 26-251

Areas of Interest and Expertise

Quantum Information Science
Quantum Physics
Computation and Physics
AMO Implementations of Quantum Computers
Entanglement and Cryptography
Quantum Algorithms
Architectures for Quantum Information Systems

Research Summary

Widely recognized for his pioneering work in the creation of quantum computers while at IBM's Almaden Research Center, Chuang, collaborating with Professor Neil Gershenfeld, invented a quantum computer based on storing information within the nuclear spins of molecules and controlling them using nuclear magnetic resonance techniques. Chuang is currently exploring the prospects for extending such techniques to build large-scale quantum computers and cryptographic systems. At the Center for Bits and Atoms, Chuang heads a research group on quanta-the fundamental building blocks of physical media, information technology, and intelligence. He is the co-author (with Michael A. Nielsen) of Quantum Computation and Quantum Information (2000) and serves on the editorial board of the Virtual Journal of Quantum Information.

Recent Work