Prof. Nicolas Hadjiconstantinou

Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Director, Computation for Design and Optimization

Primary DLC

Department of Mechanical Engineering

MIT Room: 3-364

Areas of Interest and Expertise

Computational Fluid Dynamics
Computational Statistical Mechanics
Interface Phenomena
Microscale Fluid Mechanics
Materials Processing Modeling
Molecular Dynamics
Mechanics and Materials

Research Summary

Professor Hadjiconstantinou’s research concerns computational fluid mechanics, with an emphasis on multi-scale problems that require novel approaches. Examples include hybrid algorithms matching molecular descriptions to continuum descriptions through domain decomposition or successive refinement, or models that span a range of scales. We also focus on understanding the fundamentals of flow and convective heat transfer in small scale flows. This concerns non-continuum effects arising at small scales where traditional continuum approaches fail. Molecular modeling is used as a means to bridge the "gap" between the two descriptions and to develop a unified non-continuum hydrodynamic theory.

Recent Work