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2018 MIT Paris Symposium

Human surrounded by technologies, or human at the center of our technologies?
December 11, 2018
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Daphne de Baritault
Program Director
MIT Corporate Relations
Welcome Remarks
Day 1, 2:00
Daphne de Baritault joined the Office of Corporate Relations in June, 2015, as Senior Industrial Liaison Officer. de Baritault comes to OCR with several years of experience in marketing and business development, and she has worked globally in a number of industries including renewable energy solutions, building materials design and manufacturing, and tracking and monitoring devices. Most recently, she worked at Daymon Worldwide as Project Manager where she was working on branding for a large supermarket chain. Before that, de Baritault worked in business development for eProvenance where she worked with the sales team to develop North American and Asian markets for services including innovative technologies for tracking and monitoring wine transportation. Prior to that, she held various positions managing marketing programs in publishing, retail, energy, manufacturing, and consumer goods.

de Baritault earned her Bachelor of Art in Dance theater from Laban Centre, City University in London, her Bachelor in Industrial Product Design Management from Ensam-4 Design, Bordeaux Engineering School in Bordeaux, and her Master of Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, from Babson College, Olin Graduate School of Business in Wellesley, MA.
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Peter Gloor
Research Scientist, Center for Collective Intelligence
MIT Sloan School of Management
Peter Gloor is a research scientist at the Center for Collective Intelligence at MIT Sloan working on Collaborative Innovation Networks. He is also founder and chief creative officer of the software company galaxyadvisors and an honorary professor at the University of Cologne and Jilin University, China. Previously, Gloor was a partner with Deloitte and PwC and a manager at UBS. His latest books are Sociometrics and Human Relationships and Swarm Leadership and the Collective Mind. Gloor holds a PhD in computer science from the University of Zurich and was a postdoc at MIT's Lab for Computer Science.
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Karl Koster
Executive Director
MIT Corporate Relations
Karl Koster is the executive director of MIT Corporate Relations. MIT Corporate Relations includes the MIT Industrial Liaison Program, which celebrated 69 years of service to the Institute and its corporate partners in 2017, and MIT Startup Exchange.

In that capacity, Koster and his staff work with the leadership of MIT and senior corporate executives to design and implement strategies for fostering corporate partnerships with the Institute. Koster and his team have also worked to identify and design a number of major international programs for MIT, which have been characterized by the establishment of strong, programmatic linkages among universities, industry, and governments. Most recently these efforts have been extended to engage the surrounding innovation ecosystem, including its vibrant startup and small company community, into MIT's global corporate and university networks.

Koster also served as the Chairman of the University-Industry Demonstration Partnership (UIDP), an organization that seeks to enhance the value of collaborative partnerships between universities and corporations.

Koster graduated from Brown University with a BA in geology and economics, and received an MS from MIT Sloan School of Management. At MIT Sloan he concentrated in international business management and the management of technological innovation. Prior to returning to MIT, Koster worked as a management consultant in Europe, Latin America, and the United States on projects for private and public sector organizations.
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Olivier Roussat
Deputy CEO
Chairman & CEO of Bouygues Telecom
Opening Remarks
Day 1, 2:10
Olivier Roussat is a graduate of INSA – Lyon. He began his career in 1988 at IBM, where he occupied a number of positions in data network services, service delivery and pre-sales. He joined Bouygues Telecom in 1995 to set up the network management centre and network processes. He then became head of network operations and telecoms and IT service delivery. In May 2003, he was appointed network manager and became a member of the Executive Committee of Bouygues Telecom. In January 2007, Olivier Roussat took charge of the performance and technology unit which groups Bouygues Telecom’s cross-disciplinary technical and IT departments, including networks, information systems, process engineering, purchasing, corporate services and property development. He was also given responsibility for Bouygues Telecom’s headquarters and Technopôle buildings. Olivier Roussat became Deputy Chief Executive Officer in February 2007. He was appointed Chief Executive Officer in November 2007. He was then appointed Chairman and CEO of Bouygues Telecom in May 2013. Olivier Roussat was appointed Deputy CEO of Bouygues on 30 August 2016.
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Nicholas Roy
Bisplinghoff Professor of Aeronautics & Astronautics
Director, Robust Robotics Group
MIT Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Nicholas Roy is the Bisplinghoff Professor of Aeronautics & Astronautics and a member of the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) at MIT. His research encompasses artificial intelligence, machine learning, human-computer interaction, and robotics in the air and on the ground. He founded and led Project Wing at Google [X] from 2012-2014, and is currently the director of the Bridge under MIT's Quest for Intelligence. Roy holds a BS in physics and cognitive science from McGill University and a PhD in robotics from Carnegie Mellon University.
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Michael Schrage
Research Fellow, MIT Center for Digital Business;
Visiting Fellow, Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship;
Visiting Fellow, Imperial College Department of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Michael Schrage is a fellow with MIT Sloan School's Initiative on the Digital Economy and the author of ’The Innovator’s Hypothesis’ [MIT Press 2014], ‘Who Do You Want Your Customers To Become?’ [Harvard Business Review Press 2012], and ‘Serious Play’ [Harvard Business Review Press 2000], among others. His research, writing, and advisory work focuses on the ‘behavioral economics’ of models, prototypes, and experiments as collaborative media for managing ‘innovation risk’ and opportunity. His current research explores the interplay of ’network effects’ with innovation and human capital. Schrage’s pioneering work in ‘selvesware’ technologies was designed to augment aspects, attributes, and talents of productive individuals. Current research building on that theme, in collaboration with Google and the Sloan Management Review, addresses the ‘future of KPIs’ and digital dashboards. His particular interest is the future of ‘agency’ in algorithmically-rich networked environments.

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